We invite you to stay and play in the Kindergarten in June/July to familiarise your child with their classroom and teachers as well as inviting you and your child to join us for Kabbalat Shabbat.

Home Visits: Tor will visit your child at your home.  Meeting the Head Teacher on home territory, helps your child to feel secure and can reassure them .  It is not uncommon for children to comment happily at a later date, “you came round to my house’.  This opportunity is to gain invaluable background to your child’s personality, likes and dislikes, family life etc.

It may take some time for the child to be totally comfortable in a group environment, to seek our teachers for support and to develop increased peer social skills.  To ease this transition at the beginning of the term, a parent or consistent caregiver may be encouraged to remain in the setting with the child until the teaching staff indicates that it is a good time to leave.  Never leave the setting without saying goodbye to your child.