“We work as a respectful, collaborative partnership of professionals and lay leaders, working together for the good of our community and the individuals within it.”

“We are committed to innovation in the sacred task of creating an engaging Judaism. Sometimes we get things wrong and when we do, we learn from this too.”

Alyth’s clergy team includes a breadth of age, interests, skills and personalities, working alongside our dedicated wider professional staff.  In this way, we ensure that each of our members can be in real relationship with those who accompany them on their Jewish journey.  We encourage our rabbis to be innovators in the work that they do, creating a synagogue recognised as an example of vitality and engaging Judaism for all.

The team takes responsibility for many areas of life at Alyth, and is proud to contribute in the world beyond our synagogue’s doors.  Core to the work that they do is their relationships with members across the community.  You can find out more about the individuals in the team below, as well as their sermons and writings.