Throughout Jewish history, no place has been as important to Jews and the Jewish community as the synagogue. No other organisation has the same potential to transform Jewish lives – the synagogue is the natural home of prayer, of learning, of social action and of pastoral care. It is the place where Jewish community is built.

Over the last 85 years, Alyth has built a reputation as an inclusive and vibrant Reform congregation that cares deeply for its members and impacts positively on the world around it. Our welcome, our love of Jewish tradition, our commitment to Progressive Jewish values and relevance in today’s world are just some of the reasons that Alyth continues to grow in numbers and stature.

We believe that with your help Alyth has even greater potential – the potential to transform Jewish lives, to be a leading Reform Jewish community for the whole of Anglo-Jewry and to make a real difference to those who live around us.

Help us maintain Alyth’s vision and vibrancy.

There a few ways in which you can support Jewish life in the next generation through Alyth:

  • Donations to mark a particular time in your family’s life. A baby naming, bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, a special birthday.
  • Annual giving – if you are able to speak with us about giving an amount for a number of years it will enable the stable team at Alyth to plan effectively for the future.
  • Legacy – write Alyth into your legacy and know that you are personally building the next generations of our Jewish community (We would be delighted to help you make arrangements to do this.)
  • Asset donation – Alyth will be delighted to use donations of shares, property and other assets to build Jewish community.

Please consider donating to Alyth whether you are celebrating a life cycle event or commemorating someone or something close to your hearts either with a donation now or by leaving Alyth a legacy in your will.

In every case please contact Sarah Langsford and we will be delighted to share our future vision for the Synagogue with you, and ensure your donation is in support of something of interest to you personally. We will also ensure that your donation is marked in an appropriate way.

Thank you for helping build the future of the Jewish community.

Click here or contact Sarah Langsford, Fundraising & Development Co-ordinator on 0208 457 8787 or sarah@alyth.org.uk.