There are times when we have a child, who, through no fault of their own, will display challenging behaviour. We deal with that behaviour with the family in a controlled and systematic way as outlined by Barnet.

What every parent needs to Know: Alyth Kindergarten expects positive attitudes from all parents. On occasion, a child with a greater difficulty in learning or those with a disability, may upset or unintentionally hurt your child. We will deal with the situation immediately and inform both families of any occurrence. Please be aware that parents with stereotypical views of children with special educational needs are unhelpful and will be challenged.

If you have a child with a special need: At Alyth Kindergarten, we are inclusive and take a holistic approach to learning and development. We liaise with families of identified children to ensure planning is put in place with assistance from outside agencies, as required. Any plan will be made known to all staff and reviewed regularly.