At Alyth, we offer a two year programme, beginning when a child has turned 2 years old by 31 August of that year.  Should you feel your child is ready for kindergarten and they turn two between September and end of January. We allow children to repeat in K1, if they are too young to move into K2 (your child leaves K2 before their 5th birthday to join reception)

Priority for admission to the Kindergarten is always given to Alyth members.

We have two classes: K1 (2-3 year olds) and K2 (3-4 year olds).  We have two intakes per year for our younger group.  The first is during September and the next intake is in January.  We can accommodate up to 46 children.  Our staffing ratios are well within the requirements and full-time staff all have the necessary qualifications.

To find out more and to arrange a time to visit our kindergarten please click here to email Mita.