‘ZOOM into Alyth-JMM@Home’: We are delighted to run weekly JMM sessions on alternate Fridays and Saturdays.

‘Jewish Mindfulness Meditation helps us to open our hearts and find peace through our spiritual heritage in this time of reflection as we approach the High Holy Days.
Join us for relaxing sessions of contemplation, breathing, movement and meditation. Open to all/suitable for all.

Sessions for the second half of the month of Elul leading up to Rosh Hashanah 



Please note early start & end times – so that you can join the Alyth online Elul sessions afterwards


Saturday 5th September (09:00-09:40) 

In Search of Mind


In the month of Elul we mark the period of soul searching leading up to the High Holy Days.


Join Maxine Levy to experience breath, movement and meditation techniques to travel beyond the noise of daily life to a place of  introspection and inner silence.


Friday 11th September (17:00-17:40) 

Finding our Inner Strength and Connection to Presence (Shechina)


During Elul we take account of our lives to renew, regenerate and heal. We will consider how to cultivate that measure of readiness required for this special time leading up to the Yamim Noraim.


Join Maxine Levy for guided movement and breath work to calm a scattered mind and connect to Shechina.


Please join the online Alyth Elul sessions every Friday 17:45-18:15/Saturday 09:45-10:15  and the services that follow on Fridays @ 18:30 and on Saturdays @ 10:30. 


Forthcoming Sessions in September over the Yamim Noraim  

Details to be sent out in the week leading up to Rosh Hashanah 

  • Sat 19th – First Day Rosh Hashanah: 09:00-09:45 timing tbc 
  • Mon 21st; Wed 23rd & Thurs 24th: early evening/Fri 25th: 17:00-17:45 timings tbc 
  • Sun 27th – Kol Nidre timing tbc 
  • Mon 28th – Yom Kippur morning and afternoon timings tbc 

JMM on Friday
Meeting ID: 977 611 369, Password: 035091


JMM on Saturday
Meeting ID: 844 520 435, Password: 753749



Facebook – Jewish Mindfulness Meditation https://www.facebook.com/groups/452447798261846/

Community support – you are not alone…


Please feel free to contact us at jmm@alyth.org.uk should you require advice.



Other sessions offered by our Partners

Mika Hadar-Borthwick – www.subtleyoga.co.uk

Maxine Levy – www.maxineyoga.com

Rabbi Danny Newman – www.hamakom.community

Reform Judaism – www.reformjudaism.org.uk

Janet Berenson – janbp@hotmail.com