We believe in a Judaism that is utterly engaged with the world around us, both within the Jewish people and our wider community.

To be Jewish is to care about the world around us and to take responsibility for it.  Alyth is home to the social awareness and activism that Judaism demands of us.

From our willingness to have difficult conversations about Israel to our work to support a community in Kerch in the Crimea; from our volunteer-led monthly refugee drop-in and winter homeless shelter, to our work to enable those with mental illness to enjoy Jewish life; from our campaigning work for social justice to the extraordinary contributions of our members to life in the wider community – Alyth is a community engaged in the world around us.


Our Activists

Alyth can be a venue for our members to showcase what they are passionate about.  Please email office@alyth.org.uk If you would like to hold an event at Alyth to raise the profile of a particular cause.