The Alyth team is delighted to support your application for admission to a Jewish school.  The following guidelines explain who to contact and how we can help you.

Please ensure that you read the information that the schools provide carefully, and follow their instructions.  We cannot help you to bypass their rules or procedures.  School admission criteria can be found on school web sites (click here for the Akiva Admissions and JCoSS Admissions pages).

Most importantly, we will not confirm something for a school admission application that we are not satisfied to be true.  Nor will we sign forms in advance of the requirements being met.  Please do not ask us to do so.

Due to the current Covid Pandemic, many schools have changed their admission criteria.

If you require the synagogue to sign your form, please follow the following procedure:

  • Send your part completed form to Beth Raphael, Alyth Synagogue, Alyth Gardens, NW11 7EN.
  • Please include with your form a reply addresses envelope and any proof of attendance if required for the school.

The following might not apply during the current Covid Pandemic period

Synagogue Attendance

If you would like Alyth to confirm that you and/or your child have attended a number of synagogue services:

1) Come to services
If you would like advice on which of our services might best meet your needs or preferences, then please feel free to contact one of the Alyth Rabbinic Partners, whose contact details you can find here.  We offer a range of services, including the best-attended Friday night service in the country, and parallel services on almost every Shabbat morning.

2) Keep a record and evidence of when you attended
All synagogue attendance forms are signed by one of our rabbis at a brief meeting.  To help, please keep a record of the services that you attended.  As an aide memoire, you might want to hold onto a copy of the synagogue shul sheet or the Big Bang Torah portion.  To satisfy our rabbis before they sign, they may ask you a couple of questions about the services, so you might want to make a couple of notes as well after the service.

3) Book an appointment at one of our signing sessions
Our rabbis will hold a number of evenings when they are available to sign school admissions forms. These are by appointment only.  Please look in Around Alyth or at the Alyth website, and make an appointment by contacting a Synagogue Administrator at (020 8457 8784).

We cannot process forms sent directly to the Synagogue, placed in our pigeon-holes, or handed to us at Kiddush!  

There will be signing sessions on Sunday 8 September from 10:00-12:00 and Tuesday 17 September from 16:30-19:30. These sessions will be by appointment only.

Please contact a Synagogue Administrator on 020 8457 8784 or email to book your 10 minute appointment.

Nursery Attendance

If you would like Alyth to confirm that your child has attended the Kindergarten for a period of time, this can be done directly by the Kindergarten administrator.  Please contact (020 8457 8792)

Formal Jewish Education

If you would like Alyth to confirm that your child has attended our education programmes for a period of time, this can be done directly with the Youth and Education Team.  Please contact (020 8457 8785)


If you would like Alyth to confirm that you or your child has been involved in a voluntary capacity at Alyth, this should be done directly with the member of the professional team who has responsibility for this area of synagogue life. Contact details can be found here.

For more information

If you have questions about the specific admissions policies of Jewish schools, please contact the schools directly.

If you have questions about how we can help you, please speak a Synagogue Administrator, at (020 8457 8783).