At Alyth, everything we do is built together from a shared set of values.

  • We believe that nothing is more important in the life of a Jewish community than the relationships that we build and the welcome that we can give to one another.
  • We believe in equality and inclusion as religious principles.  We include everyone equally irrespective of gender, ability, ethnicity, wealth, age and sexual orientation.
  • We believe that Judaism is best when it is shared with a diverse group of people.  Ours is an accessible, grown up Judaism and one that nurtures and challenges our young people; both a Judaism for families and one that responds to the individual.
  • Alyth is built on a foundation of mutual care in which we share one another’s joys and sorrows and accompany one another through our life journeys.

  • We believe that prayer and Jewish learning are central to a meaningful Jewish life. We aim to create opportunities for worship and study that are intellectually rich, grounded in Jewish tradition and inspiring for all.
  • We are committed to innovation in the sacred task of creating an engaging Judaism. Sometimes we get things wrong and when we do, we learn from this too.
  • We believe in a Judaism that is utterly engaged with the world around us, both within the Jewish people and our wider community.
  • We work as a respectful, collaborative partnership of professionals and lay leaders, working together for the good of our community and the individuals within it.



Together we create a Kehillah K’doshah,
a Sacred Community.