Alyth Kindergarten aims to provide a warm and nurturing fun-filled environment where each morning is a new adventure and laughter, fun and learning through play are the order of the day.  Our ethos aims to educate the whole child and build the emotional intelligence so vital for academic learning.  We encourage our children to be happy and motivated so that they can achieve their personal best in the areas they choose.  Each child is an individual, we value them for their uniqueness and talents, challenge them to explore and grow while supporting them by learning through play.

The environment is cosy and colourful and children entering our Kindergarten feel secure and comfortable.  New equipment is continually sourced and added to our already well equipped materials and supplies.  Every day, children are invited to join a variety of activities in each of our 4 classrooms (indoor and outdoor).  These include painting, water play, mud kitchen, singing and dancing, cooking, small world play, fine and gross motor coordination opportunities, sensory experiences, construction, water play, sand play as well as musical appreciation.


Jewish Links

Kabbalat Shabbat is celebrated every Friday preceded by the making of biscuits, cake or challah.  We also celebrate Havdallah every Monday.  Each festival is celebrated through music, story, drama, art and cookery, integrating elements in the EYFS.  Having a close link to the Alyth Clergy team and with our dedicated team of teachers, the childrens’ Jewish Heritage is made real and encouraged. A member of the Clergy joins us during Chagim to promote an exciting introduction to Judaism.


Literacy, numeracy and the development of social skills

The programme emphasises early literacy, numeracy and the development of social skills.  Pre-reading and pre-maths activities and games are integrated into the programme.  Every week the children discuss with the rest of their group what they did at the weekend in “Weekend News”.  Birthdays are celebrated in school in groups with parents and teachers, with a birthday ‘ring’ and a book is presented to the child from their classmates.  We are fortunate in having a well-stocked library, which is constantly updated and augmented by parents’ gifts to the school on the occasion of a child’s birthday.  Each week, children choose a library book to take home in their own book bag.


Active and Interactive

Each day there is sand, water, painting and a variety of visual arts, malleable materials, large and small scale construction, mark making, dressing-up and role play areas, outside space climbing equipment and a variety of bikes, cars, sand pits, water, mud and gardening.  Utilising both our front and back outside areas, we providing opportunities for our children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control, and movement.


Forming Friendships

In their first year, children are very much occupied in forming friendships, sharing and learning different strategies of play, co-operation and functioning within a group.  We have recently introduced the Bounce Back Resilience Programme of which we are very passionate as this program assists us to underpin the development of confident individuals with high self-esteem.


Rhymes and Songs

Rhymes, songs and poems are enjoyed in a more structured setting during group time.  Children regularly come together for singing, music and movement under the auspices of professional pianists and other visiting musicians including some of our parents.  The older class participate in ‘Pilates’ with Warren on a Thursday and yoga with Tatty Bumpkin. The younger class have ‘Music with Pat.’ These activities change termly to give the children experience of different activities.