Jewish tradition is founded on respect for those who have died and providing support for those who are grieving.  We are one of the few Reform Synagogues that has a Chevra Kadisha (a holy society) which consists of a group of people who carry out the ritual washing of the body prior to the funeral.

When a loved one dies, please contact Lynette, our Head of Community Care and Life Cycle on 020 8457 8793, or a member of the Clergy team on 020 8455 6763.  If you are calling out of office hours please us the Emergency Care Line number, 020 8457 8798.  You will also need to call the Jewish Joint Burial Society on 020 8989 5252.  This number operates 24 hours a day but only emergency calls should be made between 21:30 – 07:30.

Lynette and our Clergy are available to give guidance and support during this difficult time and to help with arrangements for the funeral, shiva prayers, a memorial service and stone settings.



We will notify you of the yahrzeit, the anniversary of a death, in subsequent years and there will be an opportunity for their name to be read out before Kaddish during the evening or morning Shabbat services nearest to the anniversary.  You will also be invited, if you wish, to perform a mitzvah or aliyah in their honour during the service.

Click here if you would like to send an email to the synagogue regarding a yahrtzeit.

Click Here for a copy of the Kaddish and other prayers which might be said.


Jewish Joint Burial Society

What is covered by the scheme?

The basic cost of the funeral is covered by the Scheme, which covers the cost of undertakers, transportation, cremation fees, taharah, plain coffin and shroud, plot and cemetery costs.

What is not covered by the scheme?

The JJBS cover only allows for either the cost of a cremation or a funeral, and it does not cover any costs relating to the provision or placing of a tombstone. When ashes are deposited in the Columbarium in the Woodland Cemetery, there will be a charge for interment of ashes plus the cost of any plaque.

There are extra charges for using the woodland sections as woodland burials take up additional space and trees have to be planted. A woodland burial does not require a costly full tombstone and there is no future maintenance of a grave. However, the family may arrange for a small, low cost, memorial plaque to be placed on the grave.

There are also other various extras and additional services which are not covered by the scheme.

Click here for more information about the JJBS and click here for their FAQs page.