Alyth Drop-in for recent refugees

Since March 2012 volunteers from the Alyth community have been running a monthly drop-in for refugees who have recently arrived in the UK. The drop-in has evolved over the years and now regularly welcomes over 60 refugees each month.

The project focuses on integration and provides support and friendship in a safe and welcoming environment. Refugees receive a healthy meal, advice and support to find work or gain skills and the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

Regular activities include computer training, crafts, knitting and board games and we also welcome visiting speakers. All these activities enable people to improve their English, learn more about other cultures and develop new friendships.

The drop-in takes place at Alyth on the last Sunday afternoon of each month. It is funded by charitable donations from the synagogue, volunteers and the Pears Foundation and all the food is kindly provided by generous volunteers and members of the Alyth community.


How you can help?

Provide a healthy vegetarian dish, fruit or salad
Our clients love the healthy lunches provided by generous donations. Are you able to make a healthy vegetarian dish once a month, or donate fruit or salad?

Donate or fundraise to ensure the project can be sustainable in the future
The drop-in is run by volunteers and funded by donations. Each month over 60 clients receive travel expenses and a meal. We occasionally distribute small grants to help people access training courses or purchase course books. All donations, big or small, would be gratefully received and will go directly to the project.

Commit to becoming a regular volunteer
Are you able to commit to attending at least six sessions a year (on the last Sunday of each month)? Are you able to chat to people from different backgrounds? Can you help people improve their English or IT skills? Do you have a craft or musical talent you can share? Are you able to help with CVs and interview skills? We welcome visits so just get in touch if you want to see what goes on.

Provide work experience
Many of our clients are skilled and well educated but have had to leave their countries without documents and references. Often they are still getting settled and are studying English. Could you offer work experience, either paid or unpaid? Or maybe you know of volunteer organisations. Could you give someone a chance to work?

If you are interested in finding out more then please contact or