With your financial support we can build the Alyth vision: to have a building that truly meets the needs of our diverse membership, that is a home and a resource for future generations, situated in the heart of the Jewish community.

We have seed money in the Tekiyah Fund and also have also secured a number of pledges.

We need your support. The development of our building is central to the continuity of our vibrant and dynamic community. We are a generous community. Alyth members support many different good causes. Please consider making Alyth a priority in your giving. Your support will ensure that our current members and future generations benefit from the investment we are making today.

There are many ways in which you will be able to give. Please do so as generously as you are able.

Click here to complete the donation form online

OR contact Sarah in the Alyth Office on 020 8457 8787.