Please join us for our Tashlich Treasure Hunt between 15:00-17:00.

This activity can only be done in groups of up to 6. If there is another group in front of you, please wait until the group has moved on. Please do not gather and mix with other groups

Tashlich treasure Hunt Map Directions

Begin on the corner of Wildwood and Hampstead Way where you’ll find one of the tallest members of the Alyth staff team…

Follow the smallest path in front of you that leads you through the trees.
Enter the clearing.
Ahead you’ll see two paths either side of a cluster of trees.
If you were in a boat at sea, you’d steer to the port path.
Once past the trees, spy the sky-pointing spire and walk towards it.
Count the benches and go to the one that shares a number with the creation of the world.

Here you’ll meet the newest clergy face to join Alyth and receive an item you need.