Wednesday 18th April 2018

    • 16:00
    • 17:00
    Yom Ha’atzmaut Zones


    For Primary School children

    Come and join Chloe and the Kef Zone team for Yom Ha’atzmaut Zones where you can learn to make hummus, get your face painted, and create Israeli window hangings. We will learn some Israeli dances together before enjoying a delicious Israeli feast.

    • 19:00
    • 20:00
    • 21:30
    Yom Ha’atzmaut 2018


    A community evening of Israeli dance, culture, food and music to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday here at Alyth. The evening will include:

    Israel – Wellspring of Culture Rabbi Mark will be sharing film, music, art, poetry and writing from today’s Israel.

    Israel – Creativity in Jewish music Over the past decade Israel has become the home of creative liturgical Jewish music. Join Rabbi Josh to learn, sing and enjoy.

    Rikudiya – beyond the Hora All over Israel people come together to dance late into the night! Today’s Israeli dance is a fusion of all the vibrant cultures of the country. Join Rabbi Hannah to experience Rikudiya and dance.

    No admission charge but donations towards the cost of refreshments and in aid of the Israel Religious Action Centre are welcome.

    • 17:00
    • 17:45

    (Reception to Year 2)
    Join Chloe who has a Foundation Diploma in art to learn new skills such as sewing, textiles and batique.

    • 17:00
    • 18:30
    Alyth Children's Theatre

    17:00 – 18:30

    ACT, our children’s theatre group for Years 3-7.