10-14 August 2020, 9am -3:30pm:

SWAY Days is Alyth’s fantastic summer holiday scheme. SWAY Days bring together all our members and is a chance to see friends from Alyth and to meet new people too!
SWAY Days is a perfect way to spend the school holiday. Being situated at Alyth, the scheme has a safe and homely environment while giving us the flexibility to use our space in exciting and innovative ways.
We’ll be running a range of activities and programmes, ranging from: art to sports, stories to sing songs and drama to games (and much, much, more)

For Years 4+ we run several sleepover events and residentials during the year (Sukkot Sleepout and SWAY Away to name two).  These events are an integral part of the programme, an opportunity for all young people at Alyth to create and share fantastic experiences together.

(for those going into school years 4-8)

Monday 24 August – Friday 28 August 2020

SWAY Away is the perfect summer experience to see friends from Alyth and to meet new people, while taking part in fantastic activities in the sun!

As a short residential, SWAY Away is a friendly and safe environment for those who have not been away from home before.

We provide a range of exciting activities from fun and experiential programmes, run by our own lovely madrichim (youth leaders). These include wide games, drama, singing, arts and crafts, sports and games, complimented by great outdoor adventure activities, run by the on-site professional staff team (high ropes, raft building and similar).

You will experience Alyth like never before, make new friendships and create memories that last a life time!

For more information email Sam or call 020 8457 8796.

Supported by Jewish Youth Fund