Chavruta is a classical form of Jewish study, in which two people grapple with a text together.  The Talmud declares, “Two students learning together sharpen one another”. In our current (sixth) series, we return to Pirkei Avot, the Sayings of the Sages, which it is traditional to read during the Omer, the period between Pesach and Shavuot.

If you were involved in the previous course and you want to continue, please email us at If you are new to the Alyth Chavruta Project, please join us by filling out the registration form – you can join with a study partner already in mind, or we can find you one!

Why Chavruta?
Chavruta is the perfect study for our complicated times as it can be done flexibly at a convenient time, in-person or online, and keeping to the rule of six. It is also a great introduction to text study as it can be done in partnership with someone with similar experience and at your own pace.

How will it work?
Having just finished another successful course on Pirkei Avot during the Omer, the Chavruta Project are taking a break and we will be in touch soon about what is next. In the meantime, we produced some special study texts for Shavuot.

To download the special Shavuot text pack click here.

For Rabbi Elliott’s video introducing Sefaria, please click here.

For Rabbi Elliott’s new video explaining the structure of the Talmudic page, click here.

Please click here to read our updated FAQs, including our top tips on Chavruta study.