Thank you to all of our members who have already volunteered to help care for those who need our love and support.  We have launched our new care programme for this extraordinary situation, “From darkness to light”*, and are already responding wherever possible to the practical and emotional needs that these unprecedented times present.

As a community the potential number of members needing support are substantial.  We have a large number of elderly members and many others who are in ‘at-risk’ groups or whose wellbeing will suffer from isolation.

We would like to invite anyone who can volunteer to offer support to do so through Alyth.  In the light of recent guidelines this is most likely to be those looking to ‘buddy’ those of our members without their own support network with another member who can be their ‘person’ for this period.

To volunteer click here

You will be directed to a page where you can let us know what you are able to offer.

If you need any help, click here or phone 020 8457 8794


* Why “From darkness to light”?

As a community we have 368 members over the age of 80.  A Hebrew word with the gematria (number value) 368 is ‘machshach’ which means darkness, which is found in the verse from Isaiah ‘asim machshach lifneihem la’or’ – I will turn darkness before them to light. 

Our task as a community is to make this verse a reality over the weeks ahead – not only for those over 80, but for anyone in our community who needs the love, support and care that we can offer.