Thought Of The Week: 10 December 2015 – Mike Mendoza

Written by Writings & Sermons by others — 10 December 2015

Distance and nearness are attributes of the bodies. The journeying’s of spirits are after another sort. You journeyed from the embryo state to rationality without footsteps or stages or change of place. And the body learns from the soul its mode of journeying. The body grows to renounce the bodily mode of journeying. It journeys secretly and without form, though under a form. (Jallaludin Rumi)

In this wet and dreary months it is often so easy to get frustrated, especially when looking at the more dull colours in our world. But it doesn’t have to all be gloom! The quote above reminds me of the amazing processes that had to happen over millions of years to enable our human bodies to function in the way that they do and then the relatively short step in time that our individual personalities develop within in. A stone’s throw from a miracle, that we are not only able to use our senses (smell, touch, taste and sight) but also interpret them and evoke feelings from them. Our bodies are miraculous things, but so too is the non-physical self that lives and grows within it. It is fascinating that we are able to perceive and navigate the world differently depending on how the sun shines from day to day. This reminds me of another thing that someone once told me:

“Your shadow is confirmation that light has travelled nearly 93 million miles unobstructed, only to be deprived of reaching the ground in the last few feet thanks to you.”