Wednesday 28th February 2018

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    Purim - Beauty and the Feast

    16:00 Purim Den
    For pre-schoolers and their families with Rabbi Hannah and Chloe, our Early Years Educator. Join us for Purim themed songs and stories.

    16:45 Early Dinner

    17:15 Megillah Zones
    For Reception to Year 6 children. An afternoon of Purim activities with the Youth and Education Hub.

    18:00 Tea

    18:30 Beauty & The Feast Show & Pot Luck Dinner
    Our immersive theatre and dinner. The Purim feast is a ‘pot luck’ dinner so come dressed for the occasion with a vegetarian, nut free dish. Please email saskia@alyth.org.uk to let us know you are coming and how many of you there are so that there are enough seats at the feast.

    20:45 Ma’ariv & Megillah
    Our evening service with Rabbi Josh, including a full reading of the Megillah with Rabbi Josh.