The Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe) are a time when we are deeply aware of our duty to care for one another and the world around us. It is an opportunity to offer our support to those who need it most by living the Jewish value of tzedakah, of giving what each of us is able to. This year we are again asking you to support the four funds that are at the heart of our communal giving. The funds support both the needs of our members as well as causes beyond our own community. Importantly, they are uniquely structured to enable us to respond to the additional needs we know are present due to the Coronavirus crisis.

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The Clergy Jewish Participation Fund is set up to enable members to participate in Jewish activities that are run and organised by Alyth and other external organisations, without finances being a barrier to participation.

The Alyth Community Care Fund provides financial resources that enable us to care for those who need dedicated support and activities, social interactions or a helping hand in times of financial need.

The Social Justice Development Fund was established to enable us to express our value of tzedek (justice) through our support of ongoing and new social justice projects that within the community and externally.

The Alyth Charities Fund enables us to support a range of external charities and causes by giving small grants to discrete projects. The fund supports projects in the UK, Israel and the wider world. It also allows us to respond promptly to emergency appeals.

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