Covid Protocols – updated 25 February 2022


Over the coming weeks, many aspects of Alyth life will return to pre-Covid patterns.  At the same time, ours is a diverse community and it is important that we continue to honour the needs of all within the congregation.  Our obligation to care for the well-being of one another remains as strong now as ever:


Keeping each other safe:

  1. We ask that you still do not come to shul if unwell or if you have had a positive Covid test. We know that this is no longer legally required, but expect that members will continue to do this, in order to protect one another and to make it possible for as many people as possible to return to shul.
  2. We will no longer be requiring mask wearing in shul from 25/2, though this remains advisable especially in busier services and less well ventilated areas. We encourage those who would prefer to do so to continue to wear masks.
  3. Ventilation remains our best weapon against transmission at a time of continuing high prevalence. Windows will remain open for all activities. Please dress appropriately.
  4. From next Shabbat, 4/5 March you will no longer need to pre-book for services. This will still be needed for activities where we need to know numbers in order to prepare.
  5. The Beit Tefillah will still contain an area with additional distancing for those who wish. ‘Please leave this space free’ cards will still be available in the foyer.


Online provision

While we are delighted to welcome many members back in person, we know that not everyone is able to return at this point.  Services will continue to be available to join via Zoom or to watch on YouTube and Facebook. It will continue to be possible to mark lifecycle events by involvement in services over zoom for those who wish.


A new normal

We recognise that pre-Covid there were moments in our communal life which would now feel uncomfortable or unsafe for many among us.  For the time being, members will notice a number of continuing changes to our pre-Covid practice, including to our service choreography and to kiddush, as we seek to make Alyth as welcoming a place as possible for as many of our members as possible.

Please bear with us as we go through this transition together.