Statement on Alyth’s support for Black communities and Jews of Colour

Alyth is a community that is guided by the principles of inclusion, justice and equality. These principles are central to the statement made by our movement, Reform Judaism, which said: “We support Black communities in the US, the UK and globally in asserting their right to live with the same protections and opportunities as every other group”* This means affirming that Black Lives Matter. Anti-Black racism is prevalent. It touches Black lives every single day. To say that Black Lives Matter is to explicitly acknowledge this fact. It does not suggest that anyone else matters any less. Rather it acknowledges the racism, inequality and risk faced by Black people living their lives.

There have been a wide range of thoughts and views expressed following the death of George Floyd and the public reactions that followed. The values of diversity, inclusion and justice are core to our Jewish lives and our community. Alyth does not align itself with political movements. Rather, we speak up and show our support for Black people and Black communities who have a distinct experience of discrimination and stand with them in their fight against racial injustice.

We recognise our particular responsibility to stand with Jews of Colour in their struggle for equality and justice, addressing the issues with honesty, patience and optimism. We are committed to confronting racism, both within and outside of our community.

Alyth Trustees

July 2020

*The full statement made by Reform Judaism can be read here