Security Update (January 2020)

My name is Michael Jawett and I have been running the security of Alyth for about 18 months. I wanted to introduce myself and, more importantly, thank the 25 Team Leaders who have made my job so much easier than I thought it would be, due to their hard work and dedication. These people have all had CST training and start 60 minutes before the service commences, checking for anything that could be dangerous to the congregation. They also do double shifts on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 to 13:00, and are generally the last to leave the synagogue.

Their names are Alex Shattock, Arieh Miller (from whom I took over, having done an amazing job for many years), Ben Mason, Belinda Copland, David Bloom, David Daniels, David Graham, Dot Heyman, Jon Peterman, Jack Baum, Hugh Selsick, Matt Crawcour, Matt Kramer, Melanie Jawett, Michael Woolf, Michael Goldman, Paul Rostas, Russell Raphael, Sally Sampson, Steven Ettinger, Scott Schwager, Russell Baum (who despite being our Chairman, still somehow finds time to help us) & Ziv Stadler.

I would also like to introduce Jonathan Rose and Simon Curren, who have just agreed to join our team.

Thank you all and to all the volunteers who help to keep us safe.