JOY – Joining Young and Old

An intergenerational programme has been launched at Alyth bringing together older members and children from our Kindergarten.  Founded by Jenny Kossew, JOY, which stands for Joining Old and Young,  brings together those at either end of the age spectrum for 45 minutes of playing, singing, talking and learning with and from each other.  Facilitated by Jenny, the Kindergarten Staff and our Alyth’s Early Years Educator, Chloe Kimmel, the joy that the interaction brings to those involved is clear to see.

JOY - group

Cyril, aged 82, stated, “I come in not feeling like it but by the end of the session I am completely lifted”.

Berniece, aged 85 says,  “The children are delightful.  My own grandchildren are abroad so being able to be with children in this way is a joy”.

Former royal magician, Norman Myers, aged 95, performs his tricks to the delight of the children.  Alyth member Jenny, who has implemented this programme with other communities, says that enabling children to be around older people takes away any fears that they may have of being around them.  “One child did not want to visit his grandparent in hospital until he learnt from the JOY programme how to be with older people in a social way”.  The programmes prove that whatever age you are, you are never too young or too old to learn and teach each other to bring about so much joy.