Woodland Cemetery up and running and exceeds expectations

The JJBS Woodland Cemetery at Cheshunt is now fully operational with its attractive ohel (prayer hall) providing a quiet area for funeral services.  The Woodland Cemetery provides an alternative to a conventional cemetery – with the trees surrounding the graves which are marked by a small plaque rather than a large tombstone.  In addition there are separate areas where Jewish people can be buried with their non-Jewish partners either in the woodland environment or with a simple vertical stone in the section which has been laid out with a lawn environment.  For the first time, JJBS can now offer a dedicated area for the interment of cremated ashes in the columbarium with a plaque.

The ohel has been built with sustainable materials and is surrounded by landscaping which keeps the noise level down.

The number of woodland funerals has exceeded our expectations because families appreciate the attractive and environmentally friendly surroundings.

We welcome visitors to see the Woodland Cemetery by arrangement with the JJBS office (tel 020 8989 5252).

To cover the costs of the cemetery, there is a surcharge of £1,500 for the first burial in a double depth grave but this is offset by the saving in the cost of a full tombstone.  This sum can be pre-paid at the current price to save any issues at death.

Please contact Lynette Sunderland, our Director of Welfare and Life Cycle if you are interested in considering a Woodland burial.

David Leibling