Memorial Service for Rabbi Maurice’s grandson, Nadav

On Monday 1 February, many members of the community, alongside guests, joined together in supporting Rabbi Maurice Michaels and his wife Eileen for a special evening service with memorial payers following the tragic death of their 21 year old grandson Nadav.

Rabbi Maurice mentioned his appreciation for the many members of the community who have written, phoned and emailed him to express their support and condolences.

He spoke very movingly about his grandson, Nadav, who was a sergeant in the Israeli army. He described him as exceptional person, good natured, loving and always willing to help others. Nadav’s family made Aliyah when he was 13 and he succeeded in his wish to make a real contribution to Israel by joining the army and being responsible for the all communications infrastructure around the Hebron area by the time of his death.

Nadav was gifted in many ways; socially being able to light up the room with his smile, being an accomplished musician on the piano, guitar and drums and with an ambition to be an architect. He would have had a wonderful future. Sadly, Nadav’s death – he was hit by a speeding car whilst taking a short leave from his work, took that future away.

We wish Maurice and Eileen strength and Long Life at this painful time.