Kindergarten “Grandparents Day”

Our Kindergarten hosted a special Grandparents Day on 6 January for children in K1 (aged 2-3 years old). Deputy Head, Tor Alter, organised the event to coincide with the K1 topic, “My Family”.

Almost thirty grandparents came to the event which included interactive activities such as a “draw your grandparent/grandchild” session as well as singing and storytelling.

Grandmother, Pauline Liss who was there with her husband Barry and their youngest grandchild commented, “What a delightful opportunity today is, to be with our granddaughter in such a warm and joyful atmosphere.”

The Head of Kindergarten, Cindy Summer explained, “It’s an honour to have our grandparents here today. The bond between a grandparent and grandchild is precious and unique and that is something we wanted to make time to celebrate.”