Shirei Chaggigah

Shirei Chaggigah, the MRJ music conference, has helped me to remember what I love most about being a Reform Jew – Community united together in its diversity and acceptance of each other, prayer enhanced by music and deep connections, made with friends old and new, through shared principles and ideas.


This was the first music conference I have attended and will surely not be the last.  The standard of presenters (some brought over from America), composers, music, sessions and services, as well as the concert on the last night was uplifting and joyous.  It gave me a sense of real hope for the future of Progressive Judaism and the music which will help to take it forward.
My only real disappointment was that there were more Alyth members gaining from the experience (it was based at Alyth and FRS), so I’m writing this to let you know that this all happens again in 2 years time.


It is a real chance to see what change could look like in our services when it is implemented with careful thought – always being mindful that music is there to enhance the prayers and add another layer of meaning and significance to our daily lives.
Caronne Graham

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