Saturday 16th June 2018

    • 10:30
    • 11:00
    • 12:30
    Shabbat Morning Service


    Our regular Shabbat morning service is a contemporary Reform service led by one of our Rabbis, normally accompanied by our volunteer choir and the piano, with a combination of reading, chanting, song and reflection.

    On most weeks there is also a parallel service, meeting the different needs of the community. Occasionally these services take place in our main Beit Tefillah.

    • 15:00
    • 16:31
    Intergenerational Wizard of Oz Seudah


    Bring your grandparents along the yellow brick road to join Rabbi Hannah and Chloe for Shabbat Seudah full of surprises for all generations. Find your courage, your heart, and your brain, before eating a delicious Shabbat tea and finding your way back home.

    • 09:00
    • 10:15
    Jewish Mindfulness Meditation: Opening into Shabbat


    On this Shabbat, join Rabbi Mark and Maxine Levy for a stress free, restful hour of contemplation, movement and learning to set you up for the day or for the Shabbat service. Together we will experience an hour of menuchah, Shabbat rest.