Saturday 26th August 2017

    • 10:30
    • 11:00
    • 12:30
    Shabbat Morning Service


    Our regular Shabbat morning service is a contemporary Reform service led by one of our Rabbis, normally accompanied by our volunteer choir and the piano, with a combination of reading, chanting, song and reflection.

    On most weeks there is also a parallel service, meeting the different needs of the community. Occasionally these services take place in our main Beit Tefillah.

    • 09:00
    • 10:00
    • 11:00
    • 12:00
    • 13:00
    • 14:00
    • 15:00
    • 16:00
    Summer Madness 2017

    9:00 – 16:00

    • 09:45
    • 10:15
    Elul Half Hours

    09:45 – 10:15

    Saturdays 26 August, 2, 9, 16 September, 09:45

    The return of our popular programme of Cheshbon HaNefesh (“accounting for the soul”) in advance of the High Holy Days.

    Join us for these brief times of reflection, study and contemplation before each of Alyth’s Shabbat services during Elul. You are welcome to attend every session, or to simply drop in when you wish, and no pre-booking is necessary. We only ask that when you come, you try to join at the start of the session.

    This year, we will explore the seven characteristics of a wise person according to Pirkei Avot (Sayings of the Sages) 5:10 and will reflect on how these qualities can be part of our lives in 5778.