Sunday 20th May 2018

    • 09:00
    • 10:00
    Shacharit and Bagel Breakfast


    The Sunday morning Shacharit service starts at 9.00am in the Synagogue library.  It is a welcoming, inclusive, lay led service that includes time for discussion, learning and praying together.  Many take the opportunity to lay Teffilin at this time.

    After the service, the group meets for a bagel and coffee in the kitchen.

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    • 12:30
    Shavuot Morning 2018

    7:15-8:15             Heath-Boddedut
    Jewish Mindfulness Meditation for Shavuot. An hour of prayer, meditation and Chasidic tales on Hampstead Heath Extension. Meet at the corner of Hampstead Way and Wildwood Road at 7:00-7:15 and walk to a quiet part of the Heath Extension.  With Rabbi Mark and Mika Borthwick

    8:30-9:15            Breakfast at Alyth

    9:15-10:15           Monthly Midrash in the Morning for Shavuot
    A special of our monthly shiur looking at the product of rabbinic creative interpretation.  How far did the rabbis feel it was legitimate to stretch the text?  If we can make Torah mean whatever we want, should we? With Rabbi Josh

    Choice of three services:

    10:30-12:15         Shavuot Choral Service
    A classical festival service led by Rabbi Mark and the Alyth choir and including a sermon.

    10:30-12:15         Shavuot Musical Service
    “We’re putting the band back together…” A special service for Shavuot morning with instruments and lots of singing, perfect for families and anyone who loves to sing. Led by Rabbi Josh and the Simcha Seven.

    11:15-12:15           Shavuot Sensory Service
    Join Rabbi Hannah in this service where you and your baby can touch, see, smell, hear and taste your way through the service. Suitable for babies from birth to 2 years old.

    After the services there will be Kiddush all together, including a blessing for our children.