Saturday 19th May 2018

    • 10:30
    • 11:00
    • 12:30
    Shabbat Morning Service


    Our regular Shabbat morning service is a contemporary Reform service led by one of our Rabbis, normally accompanied by our volunteer choir and the piano, with a combination of reading, chanting, song and reflection.

    On most weeks there is also a parallel service, meeting the different needs of the community. Occasionally these services take place in our main Beit Tefillah.

    • 09:15
    • 10:15
    Synagogue Choir Rehearsal

    09:15 – 10:15

    We are always happy to welcome new members who are interested in learning about the liturgy and music of our service.  Please contact if you are interested in joining the  choir.


    • 16:30
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    • 23:59
    Erev Shavuot 2018

    Erev Shavuot for Families
    – Saturday Night Takeaway

    16:30-17:30 Saturday Night Takeaway
    Join Ant-Mike and Dec-Sam for an hour of games, trivia, challenges, and family fun! Don’t forget your cheesy lines for a great team name!


    17:30-18:30 Family Mincha Options
    Shavuot Den for pre-schoolers and their families, with Rabbi Hannah
    Big Bang Mincha Special with Rabbi Josh and the Big Bang musicians.


    18:30 Dinner


    Tikkun Leyl Shavuot
    -Saturday Night Fever

    18:30 Early Dinner


    19:30-20:30 Study Sessions 1

    How Deep Is Your Love How do couples come together in the Bible?  With Rabbi Mark

    If I Can’t Have You Midrashim on the abusive relationship between God and Israel. With Rabbi Hannah

    Night on Disco Mountain What Moses did up the mountain.  With Rabbi Colin


    20:30 Light Snack


    21:00-22:00 Study Sessions 2

    More Than a Woman How does Jewish tradition understand issues of non-binary gender and gender transition?  With Rabbi Hannah

    Stayin’ Alive What is Judaism’s attitude to danger and risk?  With Rabbi Josh

    Jive Talkin’ Jewish languages from around the world from Bagito to Judeo-Berber.  With Rabbi Mark and Lily Kahn


    22:00-22:45 Ma’ariv
    After havdallah, two options for Ma’ariv

    Musical Service A special musical ma’ariv modelled on our regular Friday night service.  With Rabbis Josh and Hannah

    Shavuot for the Soul A more reflective service with prayers, poetry, silence and contemplation. With Rabbi Mark


    22:45 Refreshments


    23:00-00:00 Study sessions 3

    You Should Be Dancing (but not with each other) Laws of Tzniut. With Rabbi Josh

    Night Fever Scary stories of demons in Jewish texts.  With Rabbi Hannah

    Salsation Weird and wonderful Jewish music from around the world. With Rabbi Mark


    00:00-00:30 Late night sessions

    Open Sesame Opening ourselves to revelation through late night meditation. With Rabbi Mark

    Boogie Shoes Late night dance with Rabbi Hannah


    00:30 Good night…