Throughout the “Build With Us” project we will be answering questions with regards to the plans and regularly updating the community with regards to the projects development here in this “Ask Us” section.

Update: 1 February 2017

Why are we developing the Alyth building with this major project?

Every day our Synagogue is a hive of active Jewish life. Together our community, its leaders, Rabbis and staff team have worked really hard to make it so. When we come together on a Friday night in a congregation of hundreds of adults and children, we can see around us what this could mean for the future of the Jewish community. This summer the Jewish Chronicle’s survey of Synagogues of all denominations showed that Alyth is now the largest congregation in Britain. If more congregations were like Alyth the future would be bright indeed.

It is our duty to develop our building decade by decade to help us to have the right home to be effective in the Jewish lives of so many Jews of today and the future. We did a great job in 2004 in building the kindergarten to provide our youngest children with learning and play space, getting our kitchen to a reasonable standard, providing a youth hall and, especially, giving the building an open feel surrounding the sanctuary. The result is today’s Alyth.

Now in 2017 we must bring our building to the next stage in our development if we are to continue to do our best for our families and for the Jewish community.

It’s time to stop teaching our children in classrooms with no modern equipment. It’s time to stop curtailing our parallel services because they have to pack up in time to set up Kiddush. It’s time to stop being a place that is uncomfortable to hang around when you want to talk to people. It’s time to get rid of the mould on the walls, the 1950s single glazing and the bottlenecks when people arrive at Alyth in large numbers. It’s time to stop turning away Jewish and communal activities clamouring to use our building which cannot be accommodated because we have insufficient space. The renewed Alyth building will solve all of these problems and more for the coming generation.

These regular updates will tell you how our building committee is going about it. Alyth is your Synagogue, please help to make it a building to be proud of that matches our community to be proud of. If you would like to help please contact Noeleen Cohen, or our Rabbis.

Update: 28 December 2016

How can I share my ideas with you?

We have held several community consultations and more are planned throughout the building process. Please look out for dates in our regular email and print communication. You are also most welcome to contact any of the Building Development Team.

What have we spent so far?
We have spent money on the plans that our architects have drawn up, consulting our neighbours and on making sure that we have all the correct documentation in place to submit an outline planning application. All this has been funded from our Tekiyah building fund.

When will the building start?
We are planning to break ground in Summer 2018 to ensure that we have given ourselves enough time to raise the money needed to start the project.

How long will it take?
We expect the building work to take 18 months.

Will we be able to hold services while the building work is going on?
Absolutely. Our plans ensure that the Beit Tefillah will be used as normal on Shabbat for services and simchas.