In the midst of so much change, our core Alyth commitments remain undiminished.

We continue to believe that relationships and gathering together are at the heart of our community life. This will require us to use new media and technology to ensure that as many of our members as possible can join together in our services and learning. We are putting a great effort into connecting people.


We will continue to work to build a Jewish life that is intellectually rich, grounded in Jewish tradition and inspiring for all. We know that we will need to find new and innovative ways to do this, and are committed to doing so.

Most of all, we promise that the foundation of mutual care on which our community is built will remain strong throughout the challenges ahead of us. We invite you to contribute to this in any way that you can.

There will be two community emails each week on Monday and Thursday. These will outline the learning and community provision on offer online with their Zoom links so that you are able to join the session.  As we are beginning to use this new technology for our services, study and other community activity, our Community Director, Adam Martin, has prepared these guidelines to help us to use Zoom in the best way for ourselves and for our fellow community members. Please click here to read our guide to using Zoom for services.

Please find the Zoom link below along with a link to any resources that you might need for the session.



NEW Craft, Chat and Cuppa! (15:00-16:00)
This ‘club’ is for anyone who would like to try any sort of hand craft. Join Brenda Freedman for anything from everyday sewing, tapestry, quilt making, knitting, and anything else you can think of!
Click here to join or go to

PREPARE FOR PESACH Seder Songs (18:00-18:45)
Join Katie to learn a variety of songs to sing around your Seder table.
For all the community.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 360 360 6763, Password: 785089).


Hebrew Reading from Scratch (19:00-20:00)
Taught by Alyth member Jan Roseman, who has been one of the UK’s leading Synagogue-based Jewish educators for the last few decades. Take an hour a week in term time to learn to read Hebrew from scratch.
Click here  to join.



This will be a Pesach unlike any other that we have known.  Normally at Pesach we gather together, opening our homes to those we love, welcoming those who need our hospitality.  On this Pesach we need to honour these same ideals while ensuring that we stay safely at a distance from one another.  Below are ways you can balance these conflicting values with Alyth:

Erev Pesach Service
Wednesday 8 April, 16:00-16:45
Join the Alyth community online for the opportunity to welcome in Pesach with an early Ma’ariv service.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 599 972 208, Password: 785089).
Please click here to follow the Reform Judasim online Peseach Machzor.

Virtual Hosting of First Night Seder (Wednesday 8 April)
Are you able to “lay a place” and host someone remotely at your online Seder?  All you need is a tablet or laptop, and the willingness to invite someone virtually to your table.  Please contact so that we can match you with someone who would like to e-ttend.
If you would like to join someone’s online first night Seder please contact

First Day Pesach Services
Thursday 9 April

(10:30-12:30) A choice of two online services:

  • Join Rabbi Josh from the Beit Tefillah, with Student Rabbi Nicola Feuchtwang from her home, for our First Day Pesach service.
    Click here to join (Meeting ID: 727 113 050, Password: 785089).
  • Join Rabbi Colin for an explanatory service, led from his home.
    Click here to join (Meeting ID: 196 183 616, Password: 035091).

Both of these services will be using the Pesach Machzor, a version of which, based on our siddur, can be found by clicking here.

Alyth Online Sedarim
Family Seder (16:00-17:30)

A spoonful of charoset makes the bitter herbs go down! Join Rabbi Hannah for a Disney Seder Spectacular suitable for all the family.
Click here to download our interactive Haggadah activity book.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 546 189 206, Password: 785089).

Communal Seder (19:00-21:00)
We are all trapped in the metaphorical slavery of lockdown.  Join Rabbi Hannah, Lynette and Katie to sing and pray with our community, as we virtually escape the confines of our home.
We will work through a traditional seder together, before having a chance to break for different options. Either eat with your fellow community, or join our study or singing spaces.
To join the Communal Seder click here (Meeting ID: 415 774 648, Password: 785089)
If you would like to lead a small section of the seder from your home, please email to be assigned a part. We are encouraging everyone to use the Haggadot they have in their own houses so that we can draw from everyone’s traditions. Key parts of the service will be displayed on your screen so don’t worry if you do not have a Haggadah at home.

The two break-out groups will have their own Zoom address:
Study Section (approx 20:00):
click here to join (Meeting ID: 571 619 234, Password: 035091)
Singing Section (approx 20:00): click here to join (Meeting ID: 540 137 021, Password: 217986)



Baby Den (10:30-11:00)
Chug-a-lug into Shabbat with Rabbi Hannah and Beth. Sing your favourite Baby Den songs, dance to a shabbat beat and wave to some familiar faces. For families with Young Children.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 142 813 452, Password: 346202).

Pre-Shabbat Story Time Live

Those pre-school in age (and in heart) are invited to join Rabbi Hannah and Beth for a pre shabbat story to help bring in shabbat.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 423 529 768, Password: 785089).

JMM on Friday

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation helps us to open our hearts and find peace through our spiritual heritage, especially in these challenging times. Join Mika Hadar Borthwick for contemplation, breathing, movement and meditation. Suitable for all.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 977 611 369, Password: 035091).

Ruach @ Home returns on Friday 24 April.

Erev Shabbat Service
Join our Rabbis as they lead the Erev Shabbat service from the Beit Tefillah.  Please remember that this service is online only.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 522 358 235, Password: 785089). The livestream will also be running for those who wish to join in this way.
We invite you to have Shabbat candles and Kiddush ready in advance of the service so that we can join together in these moments from our homes.  We will light candles together at L’cha Dodi and make Kiddush at the end of the service.

Please click here to download the Shabbat Supplement for Friday night (this will be available from 17:00 Friday afternoon).
Please click here to view the Reform Judaism siddur online.



Shabbat Shiur (9:15-10:15) 
The limits of ‘Pikuach Nefesh’ 
Exploring the Preservation of Life in Jewish Tradition.
We will continue to look at texts about the Jewish ideal of saving a life.  In this session we will focus on times when our tradition does not think life should be saved.  What does our tradition think is more important than life?  And what if you have a choice of lives to save?  With Rabbi Josh.
Please note that you do not need to have attended the previous session on Pikuach Nefesh to join this session. 

Click here
 to join (Meeting ID: 240 937 705, Password: 602287).

Please click here to download a copy of the source sheet for this session (this will be available by 17:00 on Friday afternoon).

Shabbat Morning Service

Rabbi Hannah is running the Shabbat morning service from the Beit Tefillah, with Rabbi Colin and Katie Hainbach from their homes.
Please remember that this service is online only.

Click here to join (Meeting ID: 920 492 831, Password: 785089)

Please click here to download a copy of the Torah portion (this will be available from 17:00 Friday afternoon).

Please click here to view the Reform Judaism siddur online.


ASMR returns on Sunday 26 April.

Sunday Shacharit (9:00-10:00)
Our lay-led minyan with bagel breakfast (please provide your own bagels…) Led by our lay members from their homes.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 431 181 644, Password: 163984).

Biblical Hebrew (11:00-12:00)
A programme for those with high level hebrew reading ability. Please email Philip Brodie at if you would like to join this class so that you can be sent the materials in advance.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 444 067 765, Password: 454209).


Craft, Chat and Cuppa! (15:00-16:00)
This ‘club’ is for anyone who would like to try any sort of hand craft. Join Brenda Freedman for anything from everyday sewing, tapestry, quilt making, knitting, and anything else you can think of!
Click here to join or go to


Ballet in your Bathroom (11:00-11:45)
For teens and adults with or without dance experience. Join Abi Aleksander and keep your body and mind active. We will start with a short warm up, move onto her version of a ballet barre and finish with some more contemporary exercises. You don’t need any special equipment apart from a chair or countertop to hold on to and enough room to move your limbs in all directions. Wear something comfortable (and if you have a tutu lurking that you have been yearning to wear, feel free).
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 942 377 314, Password: 133127)

“ConnectiviTeen”: Teen Quiz Night (17:00-18:30)
Join the Youth and Education team their week night quiz.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 738 204 200, Password: 971437).

Erev 7th Day Pesach Service (18:30-19:30)
Led by Rabbi Josh from his home.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 601 171 421, Password: 785089).


7th Day Pesach Family Service (10:30-12:00)
Led by Rabbi Josh and Rabbi Hannah from the Beit Tefillah. This services will include a reduced Yizkor service.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 109 396 611, Password: 785089).

7th Day Pesach Stripped Back Shacharit (10:30-12:00)
A more formal Shacharit, including a full Yizkor service. Led by Rabbi Colin from his home and Katie from hers.
Click here to join (Meeting ID: 750 281 552, Password: 479175).