Find peace, quiet, contemplation and meditation in our Alyth Meditation Room.

There is a weekly session on Wednesdays from 20:00-21:00.

Email to contact the JMM Team for further details and see the JMM facebook page.

If you would like to use the room at any other point in the week please contact Bonnie on 020 8457 8784

Upcoming sessions

7 June: “Shalom – Remembering wholeness” with Amaranatho
“I invite you to join me in conversation through body, speech and the heart, to remember who you really are.”

Amaranatho is a former Buddhist monk who was brought up Jewish. He creates a safe space for people to awaken to their true potential through developing presence and clarity.  He works as a mindfulness consultant and is an expert in applying mindfulness interpersonally to support behavioural changes that are catalysts for transformation and well-being of people and organisations.


14 June: “Mindfull Eating Plus” with Roland Brandman

“I will introduce some thoughts from the Chassidic tradition on eating mindfully, before we do a practical.”

Roland: after completing his undergraduate degree in Classical literature and philosophy, he turned to the study of mystical, Eastern and religious thought and the practice of meditative techniques in various traditions, initially as a student of the School of Meditation, and subsequently delving deeply into the Jewish/ Kabbalistic tradition and becoming a proponent of meditative practices within and inspired by it.


21 June:  with Rabbi Mark Goldsmith & Elaine Wight

Join Elaine Wight and Rabbi Mark for a meditation focusing on the Torah portion Korach in which Moses faces rebellion against his leadership – a meditation on living with challenge, to our health, our status or our well being.

Rabbi Mark is one of the Rabbinic Partners at Alyth-North Western Reform Synagogue. He teaches Jewish Life Cycle and Homiletics at Leo Baeck College and has written and taught extensively on Judaism and business ethics. He loves teaching and studying Talmud and is fascinated by new ways of discovering Jewish spirituality, and in the process he established Kavannah Yoga with Maxine Levy some years ago.

Coming from a teaching background, Elaine has run beginners and intermediate meditation classes, using techniques that help the mind to expand and relax, providing an opportunity to see and recognise/realise the enormous tools of creativity that we have at our disposal.


28 June: “Mindfulness meditation for calm and inner peace” with Jason Demant

Jason has orthodox rabbinic ordination and a BA in Jewish History. Now progressive, he leads a team caring for the spiritual well-being of patients and families at St Francis Hospice. Jason loves discovering how people experience their spiritual selves, and he loves seeing Judaism through Buddhism.

We look forward to welcoming you to our sessions which will run every Wednesday through the summer.