Find peace, quiet, contemplation and meditation in our Alyth Meditation Room.

There is a weekly session on Wednesdays from 20:00-21:00.

Email to contact the JMM Team for further details and see the JMM facebook page.

If you would like to use the room at any other point in the week please contact Bonnie on 020 8457 8784

Upcoming sessions

Wednesday 13th with Mika Hadar-Borthwick

We shall look at some of Harav Cook’s spiritual poetry and writings, and meditate inspired by Harav’s beautiful writings.

Harav Cook ‘The Whispers of Existence’:

All existence whispers to me it’s secret:

‘I have life to offer, take, please take.’

If you have a heart and your heart is flowing with red blood

That has not been poisoned by the toxins of despair.

Mika is a poet, the co-founder of JMM@Alyth and the founder of ‘Subtleyoga UK’.  She comes from a long line of Hasidic healers and has worked as a healer and teacher for over 25 years. Her teaching is rooted in Jewish mysticism and eastern philosophy. She is trained in a variety of mind-body-spirit systems and teaches SubtleYoga, meditation and Alexander Technique in the UK and internationally.

Wednesday 20th with Rabbi Mark Goldsmith (Plus Mika Hadar-Borthwick & Maxine Levy)

Light and Enlightenment

On the last day of Chanukkah Rabbi Mark leads a candle lit meditation on the power and meaning of light in our spiritual lives.

Rabbi Mark is one of the Rabbinic Partners at Alyth-North Western Reform Synagogue. He teaches Jewish Life Cycle and Homiletics at Leo Baeck College and has written and taught extensively on Judaism and business ethics. He loves teaching and studying Talmud and is fascinated by new ways of discovering Jewish spirituality, and in the process he established Kavannah Yoga with Maxine Levy some years ago.